When it comes to safety, maintaining your car’s brakes is one of the most essential measures you can take. You don’t want to discover that your brakes are inoperable when you need to stop in a blink of an eye. Get the best brake repairs for your vehicle in Campbell, CA, by counting on Frank’s Foreign Car Service.

In your car, you likely have either an anti-lock braking system (ABS) or standard brakes. Normal braking systems consist of the caliper, the rotor, and brake pads or shoes. If your brake pads wear and are not replaced, you may end up having to replacing your rotors.

Why Brake Inspection is Essential

If your brakes are worn down to the rotors, it will affect your vehicle’s ability to stop. As a driver, you shouldn’t overlook all braking issues, even ones that may seem minor. If you notice any of the following, have a mechanic check your brakes immediately:

  1. A piercing squeak when you press the brakes
  2. A scratching or grinding sound when not braking, this also could be an indication of a brake or bearing issue and need to be evaluated right away
  3. Shaking or vibration throughout stopping
  4. Broken brake lines
  5. Using additional pressure to stop then typical
  6. Brake light remains on
  7. Drag, This occurs my brakes failing to release
  8. puddles in your parking spot

Have your brakes examined a minimum of once a year, and more often if you steer frequently in urban area traffic or live in a hilly area.


You might not know everything about your brakes, but there are things you can do to maintain them. Try the following:

  1. Have your brakes inspected annually, and more often if you drive in urban area traffic or live in an location with a lot of hills
  2. Never drive with the parking brake on
  3. Have brake fluid checked and changed as needed

The sooner you find problems and have your brakes repaired, the safer your automobile will be. Get great brake inspections and repairs today by contacting Burt Brothers Tire & Service in Riverton.

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