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Drivers often get price shock when paying for foreign car repair because the parts cost more than parts for American made cars. Foreign cars include all Japanese cars, such as Toyota and Mitsubishi, but also BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche, Volvo, Jaguar and Audi. While a dealership will usually have mechanics who specialize in foreign car repair, drivers who buy a foreign car far from his or her hometown, may have trouble finding a mechanic capable of working on a foreign vehicle. Also, there are fewer online manuals and books that help amateur mechanics fix things in their driveway, unlike the manuals available for American made cars.

Another problem with foreign car repair is the amount of time it may take a shop to receive an ordered part. If the repair requires extensive work and the parts aren’t stocked at the shop, the mechanic will need to order the parts. Sometimes, mechanics may need to order a part from overseas. In addition, if the car isn’t in driving condition, then the driver will end up needing to rent a car until the part arrives and the mechanic fixes it.

Frank’s Foreign Car Service is a full-service auto repair and preventative maintenance facility specializing in import and foreign vehicle repairs. Our friendly experts have the knowledge and experience to service and repair the most challenging import and foreign vehicles out there. From a Volkswagen Bug to a Lotus Elise; We have the know how to fix it. Using the latest technology to assess the situation and offer you alternatives, we guarantee all of our work and know you will be happy with the outcome. We perform scheduled services for import and foreign vehicles, and provide complete repair services including tires, alignments, brakes, front ends, rear ends, transmissions, diagnostic services, engine diagnostics and repairs, electronics service and repair. We have factory level diagnostic equipment and trained technicians.


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When you’re not sure if you’ll need to have your vehicle repaired, serviced, adjustments made,
Give us a call at (408) 374-4661

— Ross Clark —


Our services are delivered by our team with over 30 years of experience and are passionate about all of your Foreign Auto Repair needs.


When it comes to safety, maintaining your car’s brakes is one of the most essential measures you can take. You don’t want to discover that your brakes are inoperable when you need to stop in a blink of an eye. Get the best brake repairs for your vehicle in Campbell, CA, by counting on Frank’s Foreign Car Service.

In your car, you likely have either an anti-lock braking system (ABS) or standard brakes. Normal braking systems consist of the caliper, the rotor, and brake pads or shoes. If your brake pads wear and are not replaced, you may end up having to replacing your rotors.

Why Brake Inspection is Essential

If your brakes are worn down to the rotors, it will affect your vehicle’s ability to stop. As a driver, you shouldn’t overlook all braking issues, even ones that may seem minor. If you notice any of the following, have a mechanic check your brakes immediately:

  1. A piercing squeak when you press the brakes
  2. A scratching or grinding sound when not braking, this also could be an indication of a brake or bearing issue and need to be evaluated right away
  3. Shaking or vibration throughout stopping
  4. Broken brake lines
  5. Using additional pressure to stop then typical
  6. Brake light remains on
  7. Drag, This occurs my brakes failing to release
  8. puddles in your parking spot

Have your brakes examined a minimum of once a year, and more often if you steer frequently in urban area traffic or live in a hilly area.


You might not know everything about your brakes, but there are things you can do to maintain them. Try the following:

  1. Have your brakes inspected annually, and more often if you drive in urban area traffic or live in an location with a lot of hills
  2. Never drive with the parking brake on
  3. Have brake fluid checked and changed as needed

The sooner you find problems and have your brakes repaired, the safer your automobile will be. Get great brake inspections and repairs today by contacting Burt Brothers Tire & Service in Riverton.


Are you looking for a quick oil change in Campbell California? Frank’s Foreign Car Service is the place for you. You can entrust your car to our trained and certified technicians.

It is recommended that you have your oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles to prevent engine wear and maintain oil free from fragments. Look at your owner’s manual to determine the specific mileage requirements for your vehicle.


To operate efficiently, your vehicle relies on oil and filters. Oil must be maintained full, clear of fragments and not burned. Oil serves the purpose of lubricating engine components. Moving engine parts cause, and over time that rubbing wears the parts down. Oil or a synthetic lubricant could reduce the damage from the heat by those moving parts. By staying current with a regular oil change schedule, you’ll improve your engine’s efficiency as well as maintain its life.

When to Change Your Oil:

  1. Pinging, thumping, or other noises coming from the engine
  2. Oil is grimy
  3. Check Oil Light is on
  4. Check Engine Light is on

Our Services Include:

  1. Changing the oil filter
  2. Inspecting the air filter
  3. Checking and filling all fluids under the hoo
  4. Oiling all fittings
  5. Examining engine for leaks
  6. Checking belts and hoses
  7. Examining tire inflation levels
  8. Checking entire undercarriage

Go to Frank’s Foreign Car Service for a quality oil change and filter replacement that doesn’t cost a fortune. Drive into our Campbell, CA, location and let our skilled service technicians take care of you.


Flat Tires can easily cause the rim of the tire to rest on the tire tread or on the ground possibly creating in loss of control of the automobile or irrecoverable damages to the tire. The most common reason for a flat tire is puncturing of the tire by a sharp object, such as a nail, permitting air escape. Depending on the dimension of the puncture, the tire could deflate gradually or swiftly. Which might lead to the following issues:

  1. Failure of or damages to the valve stem
  2. Enabling air to escape from the valve or inducing damages with deliberate puncturing
  3. Rubbing of the tire versus the roadway, ripping the tire, or separation of tire and rim by crash with additional objects
  4. Too much wear of the tire tread causing explosive tire failing or enabling roadway debris to tear through it

Some tires, especially a slow leakage, can easily be repaired and re-inflated; others, specifically those from used tread, should be changed.


Listed here are some simple methods to catch tire issues before they become costly or dangerous. Take a thorough examination of each tire in a well lit atmosphere. Inspect for unequal tire wear, which can easily be created by:

  1. Excessive or inadequate air pressure
  2. Troubles with tire positioning or tire balancing
  3. Problems with the suspension
  4. Uneven tire wear could be an indication that you might need to have your tires rotated

These could mean you require brand-new tires– quickly. Driving with a flat tire, especially at high speeds, may result in a deadly crash. These issues have the capacity to cause a blowout, inducing a loss of control that may be incredibly risky.

  1. Splitting or bulging treads or sidewalls that may imply there is wear or weakness
  2. Foreign objects that penetrate in to the tire (nails, screws, glass)
  3. Tread pulling away from the body of the tire

If you find any of these troubles, come see us for a thorough and speedy tire repair. We’ll check and adjust your air pressure and do a visual tire check, and obtain you on the road in no time at all. Contact us now to arrange your next flat tire repair California foreign auto repair service. Frank’s Foreign Car Service is proud to be your local Campbell, CA, foreign auto repair shop and provider of tires.


Since transmission fluid loses viscosity gradually, replacing your transmission fluid routinely could protect the life of the transmission itself and stop some transmission complications. Frank’s Foreign Car Service provides quality affordable transmission repair in Campbell, CA and other auto repair services.

What it does: Transmission fluid coats and protects the gears in the transmission. This coating helps prevent too much wear and slipping of the gears. Therefore it is imperative that a transmission fluid flush be performed every 30,000 miles.

Why service is important: Transmission fluid loses effectiveness eventually. Flushing your transmission fluid at routine intervals may enhance the life of the transmission and stop some transmission troubles.


Get your transmission examined if:

  1. Your automobile won’t move
  2. Difficulty shifting gears
  3. Transmission seems to be sliding
  4. Transmission is abnormally loud
  5. Seeping transmission fluid (magenta tinted and sweet smelling)
  6. Grinding sounds when shifting gears
  7. Problems with the clutch
  8. Check Engine light is on

During a transmission flush:

  1. We go down the transmission pan and replace old fluid
  2. We replace the fluid and transmission filter
  3. Inspect for indicators of wear, damage, or deterioration

Schedule a session for a transmission check and fluid flush today at Frank’s Foreign Car Service to stop common transmission problems and lengthen the life of your vehicle! Contact us soon to book your next Transmission Fluid Flush. Frank’s Foreign Car Service is thrilled to be your local auto repair center and provider of tires in Campbell, CA.

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What our Clients say

  • This is an excellent place.
    Not owned by Frank any more.. Well ever since I been coming here,
    I never new Frank.. I knew Greg..

    Hes probably the most honest mechanic in town.

    No problem to big, No problem to small. Come give him a try!!

    I have been coming for about 7 years now!

    — Stas O. —
  • Greg is awesome, I stopped in and asked him to diagnose my car trouble, which he did at no charge.
    The shop is clean and tidy, I’ll be going back.

    — Mr. S. —
  • I love this place. Greg is honest, efficient, knowledgeable, and always helpful. Highly recommended. for any car repair/servicing needs.

    — Justin D. —
  • This is my first time to come to this auto repair shop. After I explained the problem with my car, it took only few minutes for Greg to find out the cause. Highly recommend!

    — Nikki H. —
  • This place is a definite recommend! Greg is very honest and thorough and knows his stuff. Ten stars!

    — Lisap N. —
  • My family have brought our cars here for years. I echo the other comments about honesty and integrity. Also polite and nice people to talk to.

    — Heather S. —
  • I have been a customer since 1978, when Joe owned it and Greg worked for him. Greg did not miss a beat when he took over and John is very qualified. They really know the definition of customer service .Honest, comparable market rates, and always willing to “work” you in.

    — Joe Z. —
  • Car made a weird noise. The week before it was service at VW for a fortune. Decided to look online for something more reasonable, and found Greg.

    I called, 10min later I was there, he found the problem in 5min, a piece of the motor was broken.

    I left for 10days left my car with him, and everything was done when I came back. he emailed me the price. It was inexpensive, maybe $250. VW charges me $190 just for “checking” my car and not even doing a damn thing to it.
    Greg even replaced a dead light bulb.

    Since I emailed him when I have a problem, and we fix a time convenient and to me and him so I dont have to wait, and PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED.

    AWESOME service, TRUSTED and HONEST person.

    — Stephanie B. —
  • If I could give more than five stars I would! Jonathan and Greg are by far the best mechanics in the Bay Area! I had a Lexus that needed work done and they made sure everything was done perfectly! Thank you Jonathan and Greg for awesome service!

    — Nicole K. —
  • I have been taking my cars to Frank’s for 26 years. The number of years as a customer pretty much says it all. I have never been unhappy with the service, nor have I ever had to bring a car back because the work wasn’t done correctly.

    Integrity and honesty, served up with a great sense of humor. You won’t be disappointed if you give them a try.

    — Jeanie E. —
  • I’ve been taking my 2001 VW Beetle to Greg since we moved here about 1.5 years ago. He’s great and I highly recommend him. He’s done small stuff and large repairs – I like that I can count on him to be thorough and bring things to my attention. I appreciate his honesty too – sometimes he’ll find things and decide that it doesn’t need to be fixed right away so he’ll keep an eye on it for a while. I would definitely recommend him.

    — Erin W. —
  • My wife and I have been taking our cars to Greg at Frank’s FCS for nearly 10 years, and he’s never once steered us wrong. There’s a reason this guy is always busy – he’s honest, knowledgeable and a generally good guy. I recently became in need of some work on my 1999 M3, and there was nobody else I even thought of calling.

    — Dean W. —
  • Nice guy. Took care of me. Reasonable price. Delivered when promised.

    — Ozzy D. —
  • I have been going to Frank’s Foreign Car Service for over 20 years. I started with Joe and Shadi, then Joe and Greg, and now Greg. It is a nice feeling to go to a mechanic that you can trust. Greg will show me the old part he replaced and explain what happened. I never have to wonder if the work was actually done, like I have from dealerships. Greg will inform me of future repairs to expect and won’t say “let’s replace it right now” like a dealership does. He is honest and will say “it’s a hairline crack that will start leaking in the long run, so let’s just keep an eye on it.” I drop my car off before he opens. I receive a call by mid morning with the estimate and explanation. By the end of the day my car is waiting for me.

    — Erika B. —
  • If you have a sick Volkswagen (like my awful 2005 Jetta) or other foreign car, go see Greg at Frank’s Foreign Car Service. I have been there alot for regular services and more serious stuff – he is great! He knows what he is doing, is very informative and constructive, knows folks in the dealerships, not too pricey….great guy. Did not charge me when I took the Jetta back a while ago when it broke down, but he helped me enormously. I even took my Chevy Trailblazer to Greg recently. He fixed most things and referred me to someone else to look into some serious problems (cos he does not specialize in Chevys). What a great service.

    — Mark C. —
  • Greg is great (Frank is retired btw). He is price competitive (I know, I called around). He explains the work he is going to do and what options you have. He will also show you the parts and the wear on the replaced components. I have used this place twice now and my coworker used them once. Highly recommended.

    — Mike K. —


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